As Hob's art statement explains - "My work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance." 
What emerges from my studio is a love of the essence, colors, hues, and atmosphere of wilderness.  Natural environments, juxtaposed with and in contrast to man made constructed space is the theme.
Visit within this site for examples, lists and images of the good times I have had exhibiting my fiber sculpture, pastels, watercolors and acrylic images. 
Scripps College, Claremont, CA whose dynamic Art Department included Millard Sheets, Phil Dyke, Paul Darrow and Henry McFee opened for me the challenge of three dimensional work studying clay and glazes for 4 years with Ceramic icon Paul Soldner.  In a nearby art studio I also had the joy of studying Fiber Sculpture under New York's textile designer Jack Lenore Larson's protege Marion Hopkins Stewart.  Marion's (Hoppy's) husband internationally know sculptor Albert Stewart was my thesis advisor. 
Over the years back packing, canoeing and sitting around camp fires has kept me close to wilderness and to the adventures of my Great Uncle Zenas Leonard who in 1825 left Pennsylvania to be come a fur trapper, spending two winters at the wild gatherings near Jackson Hole called the ‘Rendez Vous’.  Then, when recruited to join Captain Joseph Walker, he rode and sometimes walked in tattered moccasins the long distance to Monterey, CA. A 1825-1830 year adventure.  The popular film ‘Revenant’ has nothing on Zenas or Zenas’s book:  The Adventures of a Mountain Man, University of Nebraska Press.